Actra Collective Agreements

8. September 2021 Allgemein

IAP stands for an independent production agreement. The CMPA`s agreements with ACTRA and the WGC are APIs. Local and national collective agreements cover a range of production modes, including film, television, radio, digital media and video game productions. The main task of UBPC/ACTRA is the negotiation, management and enforcement of collective agreements on behalf of professional actors in the registered media. If you enter into one of our collective agreements, you will have to pay an administrative fee to the CMPA. CMPA members receive discounts on these fees, as shown in the table below. (If you are not eligible to join the CMPA, you will learn more about our Permittee membership for access to these discounts.) No, all agreements negotiated by the CMPA are available to members and non-members on a voluntary basis, which means that the producer decides whether to be a signatory. If you have any questions about compliance with collective agreements, please contact either the National Division or the IR of CMPA Institution BC. Our goal is to create and maintain a stable and predictable work environment for Canadian film, television and digital media producers. Our work focuses on all aspects of industrial relations, including negotiating agreements on behalf of our members, resolving disputes, fulfilling our members` requests on labour-related issues, and supporting labour issues with government and bodies and tribunals. No, agreements negotiated by the CMPA are available to both members and non-members.

However, the administrative costs for each agreement are higher for non-members. For productions that started before June 12: yes, all administrative costs are subject to GST/HST, with rates based on the province of production. The CMPA GST/HST number is 121408322RT. Warren Ross General Counsel and Vice President, National Industrial Relations 1-416-304-0281 / 1-800-267-8208 Number 227 TORONTO, 11. December 2015 – The Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) and the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) are delighted […] The feedback of members is important to us. Ahead of negotiations with our union and guild partners, the CMPA is looking to members for contributions. (If you`re a member, you`ll know more about upcoming road shows.) The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists` (ACTRA) Independent Production Agreement (IPA) sets out the terms, conditions and prices for performers in front of and off camera participating in English-language productions in Canada, with the exception of BC. The ACTRA IPA is jointly negotiated by the CMPA and its French-speaking counterpart, the AQPM. There are several low-budget incentive programs with ACTRA (such as the CPIP listed in Annex 18 of the IPA and the TIP, a low-budget autonomous agreement). The UBCP offers the BC Indie Program. These programs help producers reach professional actors for low-budget productions.

If there is no low-budget deal, a union or guild may always be willing to coincide with production in order to vary some difficult conditions for the producer to meet the negotiated agreement.. . .

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