Software Upgrade Agreement

12. April 2021 Allgemein

One of our teams used Microsoft Word 2000 the day before yesterday, and it always jailed [yes, it happens to experts too]. Obviously, this problem affected the productivity of one of our teams, so we called Microsoft for some paid technical advice and it was said that this was a problem with MS Word 2000. They told us that it had been fixed in the new version in 2003 and that we could buy an upgrade at about 50% of the price we paid for the original software if we wanted to fix it. With AM-Win, we make our latest versions available to our customers, at no additional cost, according to the terms of our software upgrade agreements. We have no control over what GM does, but we provide you with our latest modeling software and provide you with all updates and improvements as soon as they take place. A software upgrade agreement (SUA) entitles you to free upgrades to important versions of AM-WIN that are published from time to time. It also allows us to automatically send you any minor program updates that may occur during the year as a result of bug fixes or program improvements. Supported software updates are made available to the customer when they are published by AM-WIN. These updates can be downloaded from this site. 1.2. That the software be maintained over time and at what cost, and if so, whether providing enough to warrant a separate maintenance contract and/or a change of government could involve a change in tax legislation and how your software does it. You have no choice but to respond to these changes, so your software should be able to change quickly if necessary.

AM-WIN seeks advice from the ATO on your behalf and makes changes to our programs based on the advice received and makes free updated programs available to software upgrade contract holders. „One of the main advantages of the SaaS business model is that SaaS can easily analyze which applications are working well and which applications need to be improved and quickly implement software updates in a time that cannot be used with on-premise software. Deploying updates is simple, as changes are only needed on a single platform on servers in the center. Quarterly, monthly and even weekly updates are available. But what happens if a customer decides they don`t want updated software and prefers to stay with the legacy system? This is not practical for a saaS supplier, Management of several versions of its application based on customer listening, and the agreement must therefore be clear that all updates, bug fixes, upgrades, etc. must be accepted „In large software acquisition projects, more care is required, as the consequence of a delay failure is necessary and licensees can commit to service levels, service levels where service levels are not satisfied.“ The update clause is found in some software licensing agreements and generally indicates whether the licensee has the right to obtain updates for the technology (often software) in accordance with the agreement.

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