Standstill Agreement Magyarul

12. April 2021 Allgemein

Note that this document is a model to cut out to add the corresponding details. Note in particular that if there is more than one high-performing supplier (for example. B, a framework agreement with several suppliers), the unsuccessful supplier letter must contain the relevant information for each selected supplier. 59 The United Kingdom Government`s interpretation that savas believes that a Turkish national cannot invoke the „status quo clause“ cannot be accepted by the Court of Justice if he has entered a Member State legally, since it does not matter whether it is legally in the host Member State at the time of its request for information, whereas this clause does not apply, conversely, to the conditions of the initial admission of a Turkish national into the territory of a Member State. 34 Given that the parties to the main case disagree on whether the „status quo clause“ under Article 41, paragraph 1 of the Additional Protocol applies to the United Kingdom`s provisions relating to the initial admission of Turkish nationals who wish to be granted freedom of establishment in that Member State, the House of Lords decided to face the proceedings and ask the Court the following question: Article 2, paragraph 1, of the agreement establishing an association between the European Economic Community and Turkey, signed in Ankara on 12 September 1963 by the Republic of Turkey and the Member States of the EEC and the Community, concluded on behalf of the Community , with the DemC64/732/EEC of 23 December 1963 (JO 1973 C 113), approved and confirmed. S. 1, the „Association Agreement,“ this agreement aims to: promote the continuous and balanced strengthening of trade and economic relations between the contracting parties, with regard to workers, the gradual guarantee of the free movement of workers (Article 12 of the Association Agreement), the removal of restrictions on freedom of establishment (Article 13) and the free provision of services (Article 14), in order to improve the standard of living of the Turkish people and facilitate Turkey`s accession to the Community at a later date (see the fourth recital and Article 28 of the agreement). – the „status quo clause“ would be unnecessary and unnecessary if Member States were allowed to make the entry of Turkish nationals into their territory more difficult, if not impossible, since the protection of the status quo with regard to the conditions of establishment and/or residence would have no practical significance; 4 To this end, the Association Agreement includes a preparatory phase allowing the Republic of Turkey to strengthen its economy with the help of the Community (Article 3 of the agreement), a transition period including the gradual establishment of a customs union and the rapprochement of economic policies (Article 4), a final step on the basis of the customs union and closer coordination of the economic policies of the contracting parties (Article 5). 66 Moreover, the Court has no concrete evidence that, in the main proceedings, the parties invoke the application of the „non-status quo clause“ under Article 41, paragraph 1 of the additional protocol, for the sole purpose of unduly asserting the benefits provided for by Community law. 48 With regard to the material scope of the status quo clause under Article 41, paragraph 1, it should be noted that even the text of this provision prohibits further restrictions, including „freedom of establishment“.

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