Trade Agreement Surtova

13. April 2021 Allgemein

From the second act, it becomes clear that Pitax is his opponent. To think that they will offer a fair trade agreement is very optimistic. We`re sorry, it doesn`t make any sense. Developers have deliberately made all trade deals too expensive to be profitable because they don`t have to be taken for history reasons? They are supported by the Lord of the Sword and enter into a trade agreement with their enemies, and a war looms? Maybe if you offered La Surtova`s guy as a consultant. And then you have to discount it the way you change pages (I don`t know if this option is available). Another thing that is ridiculously unbalanced is the various draft trade agreements. Things like „trade agreements with Pitax,“ which cost 500 BP for BP4/week. This means it takes 125 weeks before costs are available if the contract is late! It`s about 2.5 years in a game that lasts about 4 years, I think! You are never able to get all these trade agreements on day 1 of your kingdom, so the time they have to generate some BP for you is often just enough to break even. I do not understand why the person who set these costs could not do the simple maths to see that these trade agreements are so useless.

@Rhaeg In my view, some of the trade agreements are not intended to be concluded, unless you want to take some of the paths involved. Event Economy Rank 7, you can agree on trading with Daggermark. The army rank 3 event, put training camps near the capital. If you expand one of the ranks, you can make improvements for a week that will require your baron. But I don`t remember what it was. Speak with Ezvanki in Jamandi Manor at the beginning of the 2nd act, diplomacy DC 18. Military `1, stability `2, the region updates: the bronze shield fortress. … I must say that the time of the kingdom now seems to me to be in order. .

The whole aspect of the imperial administration of the game is obviously not balanced at all, not even narrow. There is only a lot left up randomly and very little actual ability. . Economy Rank 5 event, let the black market continue. 10 BP/week, but reduces income by 1 for each stability and espionage rank less than 10. . This section is incomplete and I will complete it when I develop my exemplary guide. -10% on the cost of buildings with a static community bonus. I`ve always thought it was a general problem with D-D/Pathfinder.

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