What Is Microsoft Open License Agreement

15. Oktober 2021 Allgemein

All Open License program services, products, and offerings will remain available until January 1, 2022. To plan your future purchases, ask the partner from whom you are currently purchasing software licenses what your options are. Your partner can help you decide on the best steps for you, whether it`s new licenses or subscriptions to online services. Microsoft`s different types of licensing options are designed to help organizations of different sizes access Microsoft Office reliably and at scale. Whether your company pays for licenses in advance or needs a subscription license, there are many options you can use to access the software you`re using. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a program for large enterprises that need to purchase more than 250 licenses at a time. This allows companies to access bulk licenses at an affordable price, and the price per license is significantly lower than when purchasing individual licenses. Software Assurance can also be added to Enterprise Agreement licenses for an additional fee. Budgeting software costs also becomes easier with Microsoft Open Licensing. Since all software is already covered by the contract, billing is quite predictable. In fact, the only foreseeable increase in costs comes from adding new users or products.

Both are obvious and initial costs, so there are no surprises in either case. Businesses of all sizes need to keep their costs online, maintain cash flow, and find other ways to fund their IT. To meet these requirements, Microsoft offers several ways to purchase and pay for the required software licenses with various volume licensing programs. The biggest benefits of the Microsoft Open Licensing program are flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and how each affects the other. It allows you to expand your IT infrastructure as the business grows. No need for costly financial expenses for users who do not exist. It eliminates the need to use valuable resources to purchase software in the hope of greater endowment. As the organization grows, adding more users is a simple matter of adding more licenses. There are three main categories of license purchase types: Open License, Open Value, and Enterprise Agreement. Open Value is the recommended program if you have a small and medium-sized business with five or more desktop PCs and want to simplify license management, manage software costs, and better control your investment. It also includes Software Assurance, which provides access to valuable benefits such as training, deployment planning, software upgrades, and product support that help you increase the productivity of your entire organization.

The Microsoft Open License program was developed more than 20 years ago to allow small and medium-sized customers to purchase multiple perpetual software licenses at a volume price. Microsoft is taking an important step toward simplifying licensing by introducing perpetual software license purchases through the new Commerce experience as part of our Cloud Solution Provider program for partners with a target availability date of January 2021. Small and medium-sized customers benefit from a simplified approach and greater flexibility in purchasing software licenses in an easy-to-understand way that directly improves license asset management and creates predictable costs. Microsoft Open is for small and medium-sized businesses with five or more desktop PCs who want a flexible and cost-effective way to use and manage Microsoft-licensed products under a single agreement. From a partner perspective, Microsoft believes it will allow its CSP partners to sell perpetual software licenses (excluding SA) starting in January 2021, according to an undated Microsoft Partner blog post. . . .

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