Yang Dimaksud Gentlemen Agreement

18. Oktober 2021 Allgemein

PPKI met immediately the next day, August 18. At that meeting, there was the last amendment to the Constitution, which had been introduced by bpupki a month earlier. The change was made at the opening with „Pancasila“. The seven words of the first commandment, namely „Divinity, with the obligation to observe the Islamic Sharia for its followers,“ have been changed to „The Supreme Divinity.“ Changes that seem insignificant but have far-reaching implications. In practice, the conditional micronorm is only included in the employment contract (PK), the company regulations (PP) and the PKB. But it is not uncommon for industrial relations actors to throw conditional micronorms in other forms. A regulation that applies in companies outside PK, PP and PKB, also in the conditional micro, explained Mustaqim. If you want to be made negative, it can also be called Kongkalingkong Office. #ehAhh, shudahlah. I don`t want to talk about the drama soap opera Reality Show a la Senayan, which resembles the burgeoning Turkish soap operas. Since the promulgation of the Decree of 5 July 1959, all laws replacing the 1945 Constitution, namely the RIS Constitution and the Provisional Constitution of 1950, which entered into force after the Natsir Integral Motion, have been declared invalid. The Basic Law, 90 per cent of which had been implemented by the Constituent Assembly, was also abolished. Finally, the decree gave way to the revision of the 1945 Constitution of the Convention of 18 August.

However, in the text of the new edition of the 1945 Constitution, there is a clause that is a form of adaptation of Sukarno to the Islamic groups that have been abandoned since the events of August 18, 1945 and the failure of the Constituent Assembly. The clause reads: „That we believe that the Jakarta Charter of 22. June 1945 the Constitution of 1945 is revived and is a series of unity with the Constitution. Gentlemen`s Agreement, an English word that literally means: covenant between men. On August 12, 1945, he decided to grant independence to Indonesia. To this end, the Japanese government has established the Indonesian Independence Preparatory Committee (PPKI). Sukarno was appointed co-president of Mohammad Hatta and Radjiman Wediodiningrat as his deputy. However, this committee is chosen on the basis of regional representatives, and not on the basis of ideological representations as at bpupki meetings, so that many representatives of Muslims do not exist. Muslims are represented only by Wahid Hasjim, Ki Bagus Hadikusumo, Mr.

Teuku Moh. Hasan and Kasman Singodimedjo. The others represent nationalists, Christians and Hindus. At last Tuesday`s hearing (2/9), Budi`s lawyer, Mirisnu Viddiana, appeared as a witness. During the trial, Viddi – as Mirisnu Viddiana was called – said that the choice of protest to apply for social assistance was made after approval by SPBM`s supervisory board. If the board of directors does not allow it, the protest will not be realized. So it is not because of the influence of this brother. I am the only one that the spbm chairman cannot decide without the consent of the supervisory board, let alone Budi`s brother,“ Viddi explained.

Therefore, Hatta then tried to turn to Islamic personalities to discuss this issue. Teuku Hasan agreed. Kasman, who had just received an invitation, seemed completely unprepared for the idea. Wahid Hasjim wanted to go to Surabaya. Left Ki Bagus Hadikusumo. He was so convinced that he agreed. In the name of national unity and for reasons of the nature of the Constitution, Ki Bagus Hadikusumo is ready to accept it. After all, he was convinced that the meaning of „Almighty Divinity“ was none other than „Tawhid.“ .

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